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Rin Matsuoka

Name Rin Matsuoka
Kanji Name 松岡凛
Romaji Name Matsuoka Rin
Occupation Student
Age 16-17
Birthday February 2
School Samezuka Academy
School Year 2nd

Physical attributes
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Height 177 cm (5 feet, 10 inches)
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Vic Mignogna

Rin Matsuoka is a student at Samezuka Academy, Iwatobi's rival team. And he's Sousuke's boyfriend. 


Rin is a good-looking, fairly tall teenager, standing at 177 cm (5 feet, 10 inches). He has cherry-red hair and side-bangs, pale skin and dark red eyes. Like every male in the cast so far, he is a muscular bishonen. His hair in the CM is styled differently than his hair in the official PV (though this might be because there is a two year gap between the two promos). Rin's teeth are noticeably sharp, one of the reasons why he is known as similar to a 'shark'.


Rin, Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa were in the same swimming club during elementary school. The group won a relay just before Rin left to study in Australia. The trophy was buried in a time capsule at their swim club. He raced Haruka during a visit in the winter of the first year of middle school and took a devistating loss. He has returned home every New Year, but never made contact with his previous friends; this was probably due to humiliation or fear. 

He previously came back to Japan after studying abroad.


  • Rin was originally nicknamed "Pimp (-san, -kun, etc.)" by the fandom as a result of his flirtatious mannerisms in the CM.
  • Rin's behavior is different in the PV, compared to the CM. This suggests that something happened while he was abroad, something that changed him from an outgoing and cheeky Rin, to a more solemn, and also rather reserved, Rin.
  • Fans speculated that he and Nagisa were related because of their similar eye shape and color in the CM.

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