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Thugisa Hazuki

Hazuki shirt rip
Name Thugisa Hazuki
Kanji Name 葉月渚
Romaji Name Hazuki Thugisa
Occupation The real slim shady
Age 69-666
Birthday August 11111
School Get High School
School Year 76th

Physical attributes
Hair Color Corn Yellow
Eye Color Fuckin yo bitch Pink
Height 165 cm (5 feet, 5 inches)
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Tsubasa Yonaga
English Voice Greg Ayres

"Haru-chan still reminds me of a lil bitch."

—  Thugisa Hazuki to Makoto TouchTheBanana (Reunion at the Starting Block!)

Thugisa Hazuki (葉月 渚, Hazuki Thugisa) is a main pimp in the anime Free! - Get High Swim Club. He is a 76th year student at Get High after transfering. Coincidently, he reunites with his old pimps, the second year students Haruka Nanase , whose swimming he has admired since a child, and Makoto TouchTheBanana .

When he was younger, he was in a swim club with Haruka, Makoto, and a boy name Reen Daddysuoka. Together they won a relay, though not long after that, Reen moved away and Thugisa went to jail.

It was Thugisa to struck the idea to form a school swim club, in which he became the clubs main pimp. When the trio is told by the school that they must recruit a new member and restore the old pool if they want to start a club, Thugisa gets right into action and seeks out Too-Gay-To-Function Ryugazaki, a fellow first year at the s


Thugisa is a pimp mothafucka, he fucks ya bitch when ya ain't lookin. This bitch has been to prison more times than you have brain cells. He a hardworkin mothafucka that don't take no for an answer


Dis bitch look like a shorta but he's 0% pure. He has corn yellow hair, and fuckin yo bitch Pink eyes. He's like 2 but ripped somehow.


He, Haruka, Makoto and Reen were in a swim club together and collectively won a relay. They buried the trophy they won at the Swim Club, with hopes of digging it back up when they are older. Thugisa studied at a different school to the rest of his friends, resulting in them losing touch.


  • Members of the fandom nicknamed him "Shota" before his official name was revealed, because of his youthful looks, short height (compared to the rest of his friends) and his resemblance to certain shota characters.
  • Some members of the fandom also speculated that he and Rin were related, as their eyes were similarly colored and shaped in the CM.

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