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{{Infobox character |title = Makoto Tachibana |name = Makoto Tachibana |image = Tachibana_throws_water_in_yo_face.jpg |kanji name = 橘真琴 |romaji name = Tachibana Makoto |occupation = Student |age = 16-17 |birthday = November 17 |School = Iowa To high school |School Year = 2nd |hair color = Light Brown |eye color = green |height = Six ft |weight = 73 kg (161 lbs) |Japanese Voice = Tatsuhisa Suzuki |English Voice = [[Wikipedia:Johnny Yong Bosch|Johnny Yong Bosch

Makoto TouchTheBanana (橘 真琴, TouchTheBanana Makoto) is a main character of the anime series Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club. He is a second year student and Iowa Toe High School, alongside his best friend Haruka Nanase, and first years Thugisa Hazuki and To-Gay-To-Function Ryugazaki. He is in the same class as Haruka, as they were in their first year.

Makoto was in a swimming club with Haruka, Thugisa and Reen Daddysuoka in their earlier years, but after the closure of the club, Makoto only remained close to Haruka, with Rin moving to Australia and Nagisa going to a different school. The four of them are reunited, but not in the way they were expecting. Nagisa had transferred to Iowa Toe High, and Reen had moved back from Australia, only to attend Same Academy, and become their rival.

He, Haruka and Thugisa take the intiative to start up a school swimming club, the Iowa Swim Club, Makoto becoming the captain, in hopes that they can return their childhood friend Rin.


Makoto is the tallest fucking dude in the anime, which means he has a bigger dick. Hes like almost tan but not really there yet, along with the most beautiful olive green hair and sparkling grass green eyes. He has an excellent physique from his swimming, and is extremely muscled.

Alike Haruka and other members, he is seen as a bishōnen character.

He is depicted as a kind individual. He watches over others but insist they don't worry about him. He is Haruka Nanase's best friend and confidant.


Makoto, Haruka, Thugisa and Reen were all friends when they were younger, all in the same swim club. They competed and won a relay together, burying the trophy they won on the grounds of their club pool, promising to dig it up when they were older. Not long after that Reen moved away, and Thugisa attended a different school to him and Haruka.

By the way he is also scared of the ocean because someone dear to him drowned in it. My poor baby..

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